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prodesign HAWK VC1902 Acceleration Card

The prodesign HAWK Acceleration Card is designed for compute acceleration and fulfills highest needs in the area of FPGA-based High Performance Computing. It addresses customers with AI, storage acceleration/near data processing and other HPC applications.

The HAWK Acceleration Card offers with its latest AMD/Xilinx® VersalTM FPGA technology maximum resources and connectivity capability coupled with AI and DSP acceleration engines. The board is based on PCIe Gen3 x16 or Gen4 x8 and offers seven QSFP28 (4x QSFPDD) front ports, which are connected directly to the FPGA. Further, it offers 4 SO-DIMM connectors with programmable I/O voltages for DDR4 modules or other application modules like flash memories, debug interfaces, etc.

The board is available in the PCIe 3/4 length form factor as single-slot and dual-slot variant. It offers passive air, active air and liquid cooling (liquid cooling only in dual-slot variant).

Pd Website Products Hawk Blockdiagramm
  • AMD/Xilinx® VersalTM AI Core (VC1902, VC1802) FPGA technology
  • PCIe Gen3x16 /Gen4x8 and 4 QSFP-DD connectors providing 7 QSFP28 interfaces
  • 4 SO-DIMM connectors with programmable I/O voltages
  • Very low jitter clock generator
  • ST microcontroller for monitoring and control
  • Configuration of FPGA via JTAG, QSPI flash or PCIe using partial reconfiguration

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