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prodesign FALCON Stratix® 10 Acceleration Card

Prodesign board 2022 1029 FALCON

The FALCON acceleration card offers Altera® Stratix® 10 FPGA technology with high throughput HBM2 memory integration. The board is based on PCIe Gen3 x16 and offers four 100GE QSFP-DD front ports supporting 8x 100Gbit/s or 4x 200Gbit/s. Further, it offers three programmable SODIMM sockets and three high-speed NovaRay® connectors for connecting multiple memory modules or peripherals.

Supporting HDL, oneAPI, OpenCL flows.


  • Altera® Stratix® 10 MX or NX FPGA incl. HBM2

  • PCIe Gen3 x16 edge

  • 3x SODIMM sockets with programmable I/Os for Standard DDR4 modules and Custom memory modules or daughter cards

  • 3x High-speed Samtec NovaRay® connectors for Board to board connection and High-throughput peripheral interfaces

  • 4x QSFP28-DD network connectors




Altera® Stratix® 10 MX/ NX

  • 1S10MX160-F55, 1S10MX210-F55
  • 1S10NX210-F55

Same board – 21 different FPGA assembly options to match your requirements exactly:

  • 16/ 8 GB HBM2
  • 2.1 M/ 1.7 M LEs
  • Transceiver speed grades -1, -2 or -3/ Core speed grades -1, -2, or -3

FPGA configuration via

  • PCIe CvP
  • AVSTx8 passive configuration via BMC
  • JTAG via BMC (built-in USB-Blaster II IP)
FPGA Logic Elements (LEs)
NX 2100: 2.073.000MX 2100: 2.073.000MX 1650: 1.679.000
FPGA DSP (AI Tensor blocks)
NX / MX 2100: 3.960MX 1650: 3.326
Extension Interfaces

3x Samtec NovaRay® connectors

  • Up to 8x 28 Gbit/s each
  • 8 GPIOs each
  • For extension boards or board-to-board connections

3x SODIMM sockets

  • Up to 2666 MT/s (64b/ 72b) and 32 GB DDR4 per SODIMM
  • Custom memory modules
  • Custom daughter cards with programmable I/Os and voltage levels
Network Interfaces

4x QSFP28-DD connectors

  • 8x QSFP28 (100 Gbit/s each)
  • User programmable low jitter clocking supporting 10/25/40/100 GbE
  • Each QSFP28-DD can be independently clocked
  • Backwards compatible with QSFP+/ QSFP28

Stratum 3 TCXO for IEEE 1588 PTP network synchronization applications

PCIe Interface

PCIe Gen3 x16 interface direct to FPGA

USB Interface

Mini-USB connector at front I/O bracket

  • USB 2.0 access to BMC, S10 via USB-UART
  • Built-in USB Blaster II in BMC
Board Management Controller (BMC)
  • Power sequencing
  • Voltage, current, temperature monitoring
  • Clock programming
  • 2x Standard ATX 8-pin and PCIe slot 12V (supporting up to 375 W)
  • 200W typical max power consumption (depends on application)
Software/ IP
  • prodesign SDK including BIST, example designs, BMC firmware
  • HDL
  • OpenCL
  • oneAPI
Operating Temperature

Environmental temperature

Board Cooling
  • Passive
  • Active air
  • Liquid
Board Form Factor

254 mm x 111.28 mm (Full height, 3/4 length)

Available in dual (default) and single slot (2 instead of 3 SODIMMs)


Prodesign FALCON S10 blockdiagram V1 01

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