SC2023 Supercomputing Conference Denver

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In a successful stint at the SC2023 Supercomputing Conference, PRO DESIGN left an indelible mark with its dynamic presence at booth number 266.

The conference, held from November 12 to 17, saw PRO DESIGN unveil its latest offerings, including the prodesign FALCON-NEST server and the prodesign FALCON Agilex card.

Visitors to the PRO DESIGN booth were treated to firsthand demonstrations of the FALCON-NEST's powerful capabilities, showcasing its prowess in handling complex computational tasks.

The prodesign FALCON Agilex card, featuring cutting-edge technology, also garnered significant attention for its potential to elevate computing performance to new heights.

The SC2023 conference provided an ideal platform for PRO DESIGN to engage with industry experts, enthusiasts, and potential collaborators.
The company's representatives expressed satisfaction with the positive reception and fruitful interactions that took place during the event.
For more information about PRO DESIGN and its latest offerings, please contact us directly.

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